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Department of Zoology
Year of Establishment - 2001



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Dr R Praveen Dathu



 praveendathurajala@gmail.com 9441348194


 Dr K Sudhakar M.sc,Ph.D,B.Ed  Lecturer(Regular)  sudhakarkurmeti06@gmail.com 8985685227




Dr. K. Sudhakar, Lecturer in Zoology

Training programmes attended:

  1. Attended to Two Week Induction Training Programme for newly recruited lecturers at APHRDI Bapatla from 13th to 26th of August, 2018.
  2. Attended to 6 days Orientation Workshop on Content Development, OER, MOOCS and MOODLE at NIT Warangal from 30.11.2018 to 05.12.2018.

Published research articles:

  1. Sudhakar, CH Deepak Tarun, G.B. Bhavya and K.P. Reddy. “Protective effects of succimer against lead induced neurotoxicity in developing brain of rats”. Journal of Environmental Biology. 40, 89-95; 2019.
  2. Sudhakar, M. Nageshwar and K. Pratap Reddy. “Abelmoschus moschatus extract reverses altered pain and neurohistology of a rat with developmental exposure of fluoride”. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 8 (06) 094-104; 2018.

K. Sudhakar and K. Pratap Reddy. “Neuroprotective effects of Abelmoschus moschatus seed extract on fluoride –induced myelin degeneration in developing brain of rats”. International Journal of Green Pharmacy. 13 (3) 218-228; 2019.

Book Publication:

  1. Sudhakar and K. Pratap Reddy. Developmental Neurotoxicity of Fluoride: Protective effects of Okra, Abelmoschus moschatus. New Delhi Publishers. 2019. ISBN:978-93-88879-07-1.

Seminars/Workshops attended:

  1. One day Workshop on “Facing the NAAC and Role of Administrator to attain Better Grade” organized by IQAC and Academic Cell in association with RJDCE, Rajahmundry on 13 December 2019.
  2. Two days National Seminar on “Role of IQAC towards quality enhancement and sustenance from NAAC perspective” in collaboration with NAAC, Benguluru from 29-30 November 2019.

Seminar Conducted:

  1. One day state level seminar on “Ancient Indian Migrations – A Genetic Study with Molecular Approaches” on 27-02-2020.

Online Course  (SWAYAM):

  1. Biology of Silkworm, Bombyx mori offered by University of Mysore, Mysuru. November, 2019.


Awarded with Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) from Osmania University in August 2018